Mobility Division

Tap into optimization potential with our developments! Low toxic, biodegradable & resource-efficient solutions for a greener and safer motion. Reduced energy costs and wastage during mixing - Shorter processing time - Less "reject" due to higher quality of extrusion - Higher building or green tack of semi-finished products brochure download

Tires & elastic parts

Anti-Aging Agents

Ozone protection waxes

Suitable for dynamic and static rubber products, i.e. tires, conveyor belts, profiles, gaskets and others. 



  • Provides excellent anti-oxidizing and anti-flex cracking properties.
  • Non–staining and non-discolouring.
  • Suitable for all types of rubber.

Multifunctional resins

  • Increase the homogeneity of rubber blends and improve the green tack
  • Natural based, phenol- and PCA-free
  • Specially developed for the automotive industry

Processing aids

General purpose solutions

Internal, external lubricants and combinations of both functions. For exact extrusion, prevent extruder pulsation and pressure fluctuations.

Form giving and demoulding solutions 

Rubber type adapted processing aids for all applications.

Solutions for light, peroxide cured and

non conductive compounds 


Polar elastomers (HIIR, CR, CPE) solutions 

Peptizer and processing promoters

Mineral fillers

Precipitated Silica 

High dispersible Silica (HDS) is essential for the modern tire industry. Our silica types provide high BET values.

Silicates and calcined silicates - Natural silicates kaolin based

Special silicate mixtures for inner liner, tires, automotive profiles and rubber coating compounds.


Natural grounded sulphur (oiled)

Insoluble sulphur (oiled)



Classic TDAE oil, paraffinic oil, Phthalates, renewable and sustainable plasticizer, other plasticizer for specific applications.


Highly efficient processing aids based on cross-linked oil. Improves the surface and processing speed. Especially well suited for soft compounds.